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Professional Development

At Evolution Academy Trust, we are dedicated to ensuring that all staff receive the highest quality professional training.  Our Headteachers regularly meet and work collaboratively on a range of school improvement, curriculum and other areas. Other examples of our professional development include:

1. School specific CPD - each school has its own bespoke weekly CPD schedule, generated from their own school priorities, it focuses on training which makes an impact in the classroom. 

2. Early Career Teachers (ECTs) – we are working closely with a local Teaching School (Julian Teaching School and Ambition Institute) and are accessing outstanding training and support for our new teachers.

3. National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) - have been heavily subsidised and these national qualifications are being taken by many of our middle and senior leaders across the Trust

4. Apprenticeship Levy – we have a number of staff completing these courses from administrative support to Masters Level courses.

5. Trust network groups - remain a strength of our Trust.  EYFS, SEND, maths and English leaders from each school collaborate regularly in a range of subject and leadership matters.

6. National College (all staff subscription) - as an inclusive employer, we want to ensure that CPD is accessed by our governors, support staff, teachers and leaders.  As a result, all schools and our central team regularly access National College training.

7. Secondment and work placements - from external volunteers to existing senior member of leadership, we work closely as one organisation to provide secondment, placement and other developmental opportunities.